Ionmax ION622 Compressor Dehumidifier 12L

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Excellent Humidity Control
The Ionmax ION 622 Compressor Dehumidifier 12L helps to effectively control the humidity of the air and is suitable for continued use at home or in commercial settings.

It features a washable filter that removes dust & hair from the air, and auto defrost function for safe usage. Removing up to 12L of moisture a day, the Ionmax Ion622 is perfect for daily use in maintaining optimal humidity at home and improving the air quality in your home and office.

It also offers powerful performance and fast dehumidification for large areas up to 50sqm, removing up to 12L of moisture a day.

NOTE: This unit does not perform well in winter conditions or cooler climates. A desiccant based dehumidifier is recommend in these climates

Speeds up Drying of Clothes
The Ionmax ION622 can help to dry damp laundry indoors, too. By removing excess moisture from the air, the ION622 dehumidifier can help laundry dry faster when placed in the same room.

Protects Your Health
Prevent symptoms of allergy, asthma and respiratory ailments by lowering humidity levels indoors to inhibit mould, dust mite and bacteria growth.

Protects Your Home
Protect furniture, electronics and wood in your home by maintaining an optimal indoor humidity level to prevent condensation, mildew and rot.

Maintenance Free

A washable filter on the back of the dehumidifier keeps out large particles such as dust and hair from entering the unit. There's no need to replace it at all unless it is damaged.

CFC Free

The Ionmax ION622 is completely environmentally friendly with no harmful gases. It uses CFC-free R134a refrigerant.

Energy Saver

Pauses dehumidification once the desired humidity level has been reached and then restarts on previous settings if an increased in humidity level is detected.

Suitable For Warmer Climates

The Ionmax ION622 compressor dehumidifier works best in temperatures ranging from 5 to 35 degrees Celcius. At 30 degrees celcius and 80% RH, the ION622 can remove up to 12 litres a day!

Light and Portable

It comes with an ergonomic large handle and four castor wheels underneath for easy portability around the house.

Auto Defrost

Keeps the dehumidifier running by preventing frost from building up inside the machine.

5-Step Dimmable LCD Display

The LCD display panel's brightness can be controlled to be switched off completely or switched on at full brightness, or dimmed down with 5 levels of dimness. This makes it suitable to use even in the bedroom when sleeping.

Timer for up to 24 Hours

Set the Ionmax ION622 to run from 1 up to 24 hours on a timer! Without a timer set, the ION622 can run continuously or until the set desired humidity level has been reached.


It comes with an four castor wheels underneath and an ergonomic large handle for easy portability around the house.

User-Friendly Water Tank

A cleverly designed 1.8L water tank makes emptying the water tank easy. Just pull out the water tank from the sides and empty it into the sink or drain. A float inside the water tank eliminates the risk of any overflowing.

Continuous Drainage Option

Alternatively, attach the included hose to the dehumidifier to enable continuous drainage. This way, you can keep the dehumidifier running for much longer without the need to empty the water tank regularly.

Water Tank Full Indicator

An indicator on the LCD panel also lights up and blinks if the water tank is full or the not positioned correctly. The dehumidifier will stop running until the water tank is emptied or positioned correctly.


Dimensions 278 x 180 x 465 mm
Room size 50 m2
Tank Capacity
1.8 L
Working Temperature 5°C - 35°C
Moisture Removal 12 L a day (at 30°C RH80%)
Power usage 230 watts
Noise level
45 dBA
Weight 9.9 kg
2 years

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