Stretch Poster wellbeing@work

Regular stretching is a powerful way to keep flexible and take care of our wellbeing while at work.

It helps promote good posture and eliminate aches and pains caused through sitting in one position for prolonged periods.

The Office Stretches for wellbeing@work poster presents a series of exercises to keep you flexible while at work. Each series takes only a minute or two to complete.

Place it anywhere in the office where staff can stretch. This is the first in a series of posters, each will focus on a particular part of the body.

A2 size 42cm x 59cm approx



"We ordered 3 posters to place on the walls of our offices in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne so that staff can use the exercises for stretching.
As we all sit at desks for most of the day, these stretching posters have been placed near the photocopiers so that when people are waiting for their printouts they often look at the stretch poster and start doing stretches . They have been helpful as part of our Occupational Health and Safety and a reminder of being aware to sit properly to have correct posture in the office chairs.
Carolyn Sears

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