Yoga as Medicine

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by Timothy McCall

This book contains three parts, in addition to comprehensive appendices: Yoga as Medicine (a general overview of the benefits and how to find a therapist), The Practice of Yoga (an overview of the schools of yoga, practice, and finding a teacher), and Yoga Therapy in Action (separate chapters for specific ailments such as , heart disease, IBS, MS, insomnia , and many more.)

The first two chapters provide so much vital information. He warns that those with serious medical conditions should seek one-on-one instruction, as opposed to taking a class. He also defines the terms such as chakras, prana, asana, and their relevance. And he details how to breathe as well as giving tips on meditation techniques, acupressure, and acupuncture.

Once you’re ready to dive into Part Three, you’ll find that the chapters are written by other experts who have experience working with patients with that particular condition. Each chapter is lengthy, but a concluding page of bullet points summarizes major points. Not only do these chapters include foods to eat and lifestyle changes to incorporate, but they also advise that some Western medical practices may be beneficial—such as flu shots, baby aspirin , and, in the case of Menopausal symptoms, maybe even short-term HRT.

The book’s appendices include tips on how to avoid specific yoga injuries. You’ll also find a resource guide that includes related web sites as well as a list of teachers, therapists, and yoga centers. There is also a helpful glossary of Sanskrit terms

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