The thoughtful yogi’s gift guide

Deck the halls with belts n bolsters, Fa la la la la la la la!

‘Tis the season to be stretchy Fa la la la la la la la!

OK, OK, we promise to stop singing now and get on with sharing our 2018 yoga gift-guide! This year, we are super-excited about the range of yoga-inspired gifts on offer. From stocking fillers to

Chimney-blocking big stuff, we’ve got something to please everyone on your list.

A yoga-based gift is a wonderfully thoughtful choice. When you think about it, what you are really giving is an opportunity for good health; physical, mental and spiritual. Rather than a present that is unwrapped, enjoyed, then finished and forgotten, a yoga gift holds the potential to create a positive and life-changing impact for the recipient! (And we reckon that beats a box of chocolates and a board game!

Plus, Stretch Now products are eco-friendly, so you can show the Earth you care too!

Here are our top-picks for giving the gift of yoga this Christmas:

Yoga newbie 

New gear can boost confidence and enthusiasm when starting out with a healthy new pursuit. The Eco Yoga Mat makes an ideal starter mat that will support her practice for years to come. Team it with a funky printed mat bag, which comes complete with a handy inside pocket and she’ll be all set to sign up to her first yoga course in the new year.

Healthy Mama

Growing bellies will appreciate the support of a firm, yet yielding yoga bolster in several soothing restorative poses. Plus, how gorgeous are these 100% organic cotton covers? They’d make an amazing decorative statement in the bedroom or living room too! Add a pregnancy or pilates yoga DVD to encourage a home practice.

Yoga hottie

A good quality towel is essential for hot-yoga lovers. Made from a soft, highly absorbent bamboo microfibre blend (with a non-slip backing), these towels take the heat and grind of a strong and sweaty vinyasa class. Machine washable and quick to dry.

Relaxation junkie

Your relaxation junkie buddy knows supreme warmth and comfort leads to deep, delicious rest! Soup-up her savasana with a soft, snuggly blanket, oval bolster and heavenly eye-pillow. Ahhhh!

Meditation maven

We got the ‘firmness to squishiness ratio’ just right for our practical and good-looking meditation cushion. It’s filled with buckwheat husks and moulds around the body to provide a firm, comfortable seat. When the body is still, the mind can follow - this cushion takes the effort out of maintaining a seated posture for a meditation session.

Dreamy teen

Got a teenager on your list? Our gorgeous Wellbeing Inspiration Diary is the perfect container to capture doodles, dreams and plans for the year ahead.

Farmer’s Market Lover

Smaller than a Santa sack, more practical than a sleigh, our super-sturdy organic cotton shopping bags are sure to become a preferred shopping companion in 2018.

Cold-footed friend

What Christmas tree is complete without the gift of socks hiding under its branches? Give the gift of grip and warmth with a snazzy pair (or two) of these non-slip yoga socks.

Can’t decide?

Grab a Gift Card. They’re easy to pop inside a card or email and allow the lucky recipient to choose what they really, really want this Christmas.

Now, back to our singing…

‘We wish you a merry Christmas! We wish you a merry Christmas! We wish you a merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!’

Posted by Bronni Page

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