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Challenges in setting up a Yoga Studio

Six key challenges that go with opening and maintaining a successful yoga studio.

The thoughtful yogi’s gift guide

A yoga-based gift is a wonderfully thoughtful choice. When you think about it, what you are really giving is an opportunity for good health; physical, mental and spiritual. 

Give with a yogic heart this Christmas

The most precious gift you can give anyone this Christmas is your time. The memories you make with your loved ones are sure to outlast material possessions. 

14 creative uses for your yoga blanket

Let’s explore how a blanket or two can help you feel lifted, grounded and fully supported throughout your yoga practice.

Yoga to Soothe Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed is certainly no picnic, but there is a way out.  Here are some yoga-inspired tips that have helped me tame my overwhelm over the years. I hope they help you too. 

The little prop that offers a lot

Which humble yoga prop offers more lift than a home-renovators favourite TV show and helps you reach further and get stronger? Yes, it’s the block!

How to use yoga sandbags

Sandbags are powerful yoga props. In restorative and yin yoga, these beefy fellows love to help you feel supremely supported and grounded.

Yoga Classes Anyone?

How do you take your yoga? Perhaps you have a weekly arrangement with your bestie to meet at your local studio for the ‘Vinyasa Flow’ class (then catch up over coffee!).

Yoga Nidra Explained

Relaxation, anyone? Yes please! How about a simple relaxation method that’s effective, accessible to all, and has the power to recharge body and soul on a deep level?

5 ways to a greener yoga practice

It’s a given that we experience fantastic benefits to our health and well-being from practicing yoga, but can we also make our yoga practice beneficial for the environment? 

'DIY' Yoga Retreat at Home

Yep, those yoga retreat ads in the glossy mags look amazing. Don’t despair! With planning, you can design a nourishing, budget-friendly retreat at ‘Chez YOU’!

A beginner’s guide to yoga styles

OK, you’ve got your mat, a fancy new pair of stretchies and now what? It’s time to put your money where your ‘asana’ is and try a yoga class! But how do you choose which one...

Four ways to use a yoga strap

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete newbie, there are times when we can all use a little help to reach further and go deeper in certain yoga poses ...

3 Poses to Ease a Cranky Back

Got a cranky back? You’re not alone - recent statistics show about 3.7 million Australians (16% of the population) have back problems, and that around 70–90% of us ...

New Year, New Yoga, New You!

Are you hoping to practice yoga at home this year? Perhaps the notion is high on your 2017 New Year resolution list, sandwiched between quitting sugar (once and for all!) ...

Yoga Eye Pillows are in!
We just received a brand new shipment of  yoga eye pillows at Stretch Now. Check out the new prints and colours we have in stock—lots and lots to choose from. ..
Stretch Now Launches in the UK

This weekend Stretch Now is launching in the United Kingdom! The platform we are using for our launch is the OM Yoga Show (See photos) that is being hosted in London ...

Yoga Summit Innsbruck

Stretch Now has just launched in Europe at the Yoga Summit in the stunningly beautiful mountains of Innsbruck Austria.   Here the enthusiastic like-minded yoginis and ...

Meditation and the Mind

Anyone who has practiced meditation or is interested in practicing meditation has had to, or will have to confront the mind. What do you do with this psychic instrument ...

Choosing a Yoga Mat

What yoga mat is right for me? Given the broad range of yoga mats available, this is a typical question we get asked at Stretch Now. Mats are made of different materials, ...

Organic Cotton Farming

Last December a couple of us from Stretch Now travelled to India where many of our organic cotton yoga and meditation props are made. We made a short video of the ...

Australian Yoga Therapy

All photos taken by Sandy Edwards Last Saturday and Sunday I attended the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference hosted by Enlightened Events in Sydney ...

Good Posture for Meditation

Last year I was listening to a program on the radio where a journalist was interviewing Chilean writer Isabel Allende about her experience of carrying the Olympic Flag ...

Yoga Props - Refreshed Range

Take a look at our new range of yoga bolsters, yoga blankets, mat bags, zafus, zabutons, sandbags and yoga mat carry straps that has just arrived here at Stretch Now. ...

How To Use a Wave Bolster

Stretch Now is always looking at developing new products that support your yoga practice and we have recently created some new accessories and colour designs that we ...

Making the Time to Meditate

I believe one of the greatest challenges in establishing a fulfilling meditation practice is related to what appears to be the simplest ingredient. Time: finding the time or ...

Creating the Space for Meditation

Recently I moved house. I had been living abroad for several years and when I returned to Australia I lived with members of my family until I found a place of my own. ...

Yoga Australia Conference Part 2

Last weekend some of us here from Stretch Now attended the Yoga Australia Conference on the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland. We were one of the exhibitors there and it ...

Yoga Australia Conference 2016

This weekend, the 19th and 20th of March, Yoga Australia is hosting its annual conference in lovely Surfers Paradise at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This conference is ...

Don't Think of a Monkey

“An uninterrupted flow of awareness towards awareness.” This is the definition of meditation I wrote about last week. When I focus on this definition when ...