Guided Relaxation for Teenagers

by Edna Reinhardt

This CD recording consists of seven tracks.

The first is a brief introduction.

The second track is called body preparation and consists of a series of very gentle movements that are designed to enhance the listeners understanding of deep muscle relaxation and mind body connection. It is also good for those who are not yet ready to lie completely still.

The third track is a progressive muscle relaxation.

The fourth, fifth and sixth tracks are simple and effective breathing exercises.

The last track is a deep relaxation exercise allowing the listener to sleep after it.

Why for teenagers? This recording can be used by adults and teenagers alike. The recording is neither patronising nor too esoteric for the average teenager. There is no dogma or belief system. It is simply about being in the moment.

It is based on Edna’s 35 years experience of conducting yoga and relaxation classes for teenagers.

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