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Product Code: MMA2277
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Jessie Chapman Yoga DVD Beginners Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

Price: $24.95
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Product Code: MMA2277

with Jessie Chapman

Join Jessie for two 30 minute Dynamic Vinyasa (Vinyasa means to flow from posture to posture with the breath) Yoga Programs that deeply stretch, cleanse and tone the whole body, relax the mind and promote a deeper sense of inner peace.

Designed specifically for beginners, Radiance Yoga with Jessie Chapman features an Introduction to the Postures segment detailing how to do the postures. In the two Yoga Programs, Jessie offers many modifications on the postures so you can choose which variation to practice according to your level of flexibility and strength. This is the 1st DVD in the Radiance Yoga Series.


  • 2 x 30min Dynamic Vinyasa yoga classes
  • 4 x Relaxation yoga sequences targeted to relieve stress, headaches, computer tension and tight neck and shoulders
  • 1 x 5 minute lying down guided relaxation
  • Detailed beginners introduction to the postures segment
  • Stunning footage of Byron Bay's most idyllic beaches

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